The beautiful city of Bordeaux

Danièle and I took a city tour of this beautiful old city. It was quite chilly, even for me but we managed to find bus seats shielded from the wind, therefore most of my pictures are taken through the front glass of the bus.

This enormous reflective pool was completed in 2006 and is located along the river banks of the Garonne. it is a giant rectangle of ½ thick water. Just enough water over a black granite plaza to create a surface large enough to reflect the entire 18th century Stock Exchange building (Now home to the Chamber of Commerce).


In the background you see the old bridge named Pont de Pierre. It numbers 17 arches to correspond to the number of letters in Napoleon Bonaparte’s name.

Here you see La Grosse Cloche (The big clock) the oldest door of Bordeaux. Pilgrims walking on the Camino road to Santiago pass through this old portal.

Grosse cloche

In the Place des Quinconces stands an enormous fountain La Fontaine des Girondins. In 1943 it was dismantled and hidden as the Germans wanted to melt it for its metal; It was later rebuilt but the famous Horses were only re-added in 1982.






The flowers are in full bloom in France. In a central garden I discovered beautiful poppies in various colours. Danièle poses in front of the blooms.



Lastly a few gourmet surprises. These are called macarons – colourful treats found in many chocolateries. I haven*t tried them but they sure look delicious.


Cotton candy is not new to us, but flavoured cotton candy is! Look at all these interesting flavours.


Tomorrow we visit Arcachon and the sand dunes.
Cheers from France

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