First Glance of France – Saint Médard D’eyrans

Greetings everyone
My first few days in France were wonderful. I am in Saint Médard D’eyrans, about 20 kms from the city of Bordeaux. My friend Danièle took me for a ride around the village.

My favorite new discovery happened in the local cemetary. It is quite different from those I have seen before. See for yourselves!



On the slates, family and friends place specially made plaques for their departed loved ones. The one on the left is for Danièle’s late husband Pascal.

Note the ceramic flowers, they are quite common in France.


As expected, there is an abundance of grape vines everywhere you look. It is quite beautiful to see lots of green grass, full trees and gorgeous flowers. My trip fro, Montreal went well and after 30 hours without sleep, I was happy to settle down for a few resting days before our departure for the Camino.
Cheers from, France

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