On a wing and a prayer

wing and a prayer

Typically when we hear the expression “On a wing and a prayer” it is not a good sign. It means a slight chance of success based mainly on hope. In my case, on a wing and prayer means the opposite – it means I’ve actually geared myself with positive ways to ensure a safe and successful Camino.

“How so?” you may ask – The wing, as seen on my boot is actually one of a pair of wings to add to shoes or boots, and perhaps this will give me more “lift” for the days of challenged walking. These fun whimsical wings are a craft item created by Laura Twiss, one of Meagan’s friends. I think these are just adorable and will be a fun cheerful addition to my boots!

The prayers will be abundant on the Camino. Last Camino, I had in my possession my father’s rosary. For this upcoming Camino I will have this memento with me at all times. The Camino can be religious and spiritual, and in my case, it will be spiritual with some good memories of my younger years in church.

I am more prepared this time around, and as I slowly pack my belongings and spend my last few days before my departure spending time with family and friends, I know I am going to experience amazing days with friends, with Nestor the donkey, with nature and with my thoughts.

In life, regardless of the situation, there are always positive and negative ways to see things. I choose to be positive, I choose to give the benefit of the doubt, I choose to rejoice in the good, and I choose to smile. It’s not always easy, and in some cases, the positive takes a long time to find, but overall, I believe that although we do not always choose what happens to us, we ALWAYS choose how we react.

So let me leave on a wing (or two) a prayer (or hundreds) – It will all be good, it will all be amazing and it will all be… magical!
Life is grand!