Leave it behind

Leave it behind

Leave it behind

During my first Camino, I chanced upon this message, a mere hundred or so meters after the famous Cruz de Ferro (Iron cross), a very important symbolic location on the route. Pilgrims are encouraged to bring a rock or memento from home and leave it at the Cruz de Ferro as a symbol of leaving your troubles behind.

When I set foot on April 23rd to begin my second Camino, I will have left it all behind. All the potential little concerns of life, all the details of the day-to-day, all the distractions and all the potential angst related to the status of my feet. Everything will be left behind with the idea that I trust, yes TRUST, that the Camino will provide.

Many of you have shared with me of your concerns with my ongoing feet challenge. Please know that this Camino is as important if not more than my first Camino and I would not risk anything that could keep me from getting to Santiago in time for my volunteering work.

I have so many options in regards to any potential slow down caused by my feet needing some TLC, rest or attention. I know how important our feet are, especially when undertaking an 800 km walk! I can say with true honesty “I’ve been there, done that, got the shirt”.

I will be leaving any worries behind when I walk on that plane in a few weeks. I want you all to also leave any concerns you have for my safety, health and wellbeing BEHIND as well.

Trust that I will not take any unnecessary risks, remember that I will be surrounded by friends and Nestor (he could always carry my pack if need be!) and that my aim is to enjoy this Camino at a much more leisurely pace than my last Camino.

I want to start my journey with nothing but positive energy and an open heart and mind.
So feel free to send positive thoughts, vibes and messages! All of these would be greatly appreciated and welcomed!
Cheers from a very excited pilgrim!