Testing my Resolve

resolveResolve: firmness of purpose or intent; determination.

I believe mine is being tested and I am up for the challenge. These past few weeks my Camino preparation has been partially thwarted by a few things.

First, my plantar fasciitis as a result of my standing for more than ten hours a day during the 1o day craft fair. Fortunately, my trusty chiropractor Dr Greg has done wonders to help me deal and remedy this situation.

Of recent, my hubby who now works in a daycare brought home some nasty germs and he went through a tough two weeks. I thought I had somehow escaped the grip of said germs but to my dismay, they invaded my body and I am now nursing a bronchitis. Through the care of our local clinic, I am aggressively attacking those nasty germs with rest, top of the line meds and lots of positive thinking.

Last week I decided to check my reservation as I was considering modifying my return date and it was then that I discovered my return flight had been cancelled by the airline. Surprised that I had not been advised of this, I came to the conclusion that getting a refund for the original ticket and procuring a new one was the best approach. As of today March 25th, a mere three weeks before my departure, I find myself without an airline ticket.

So here’s how I envisage it all working out. Tomorrow I will confirm my return date with my French Camino friends, and find a ticket within the same price range as my last one.

My lungs will get clearer and healthier by the hour and in a few days I will start feeling the joy of recovery and my bronchitis will be a thing of the past.

As far as my foot and my new orthotics – well spring is JUST around the corner and the persistent snow will start to melt, uncovering kilometers and kiloometers of roads ready to be visited by my two feet!
All will fall into place, and on April 23rd I will set out to take my first steps of my second Camino journey.
Life is grand!

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