The Camino credential

Many of you have seen my picture holding up my Camino Credential document. Many of you have asked me to explain the how and why of this document.
A Camino credential is a document, typically distributed by pilgrim associations, albergues on the Camino or Camino tourist centers.

This document is to be stamped during the day, to show progress of your journey. It typically gets stamped at every albergue or hotel where you spend your night, at tourist locations such as museums, churches and often at local bars and restaurants. Each location have their own special stamp. For the pilgrims who chose to walk the 100 km needed to received the official Compostela document (future blog), two stamps are required per day.

This document also serves as proof that one is truly undertaking this journey. Only with the Credential can one sleep in designated pilgrim only albergues. The document itself becomes a type of journal – each stamp brings about its own set of memories.
I framed my first Camino Credential Document, however due to its size, I only show one side of the document. They other side contains just as many stamps at the visible side.

Each time I enter the room and see my credential framed on the wall, it reminds me of the wonderful experience that is the Camino!