Applying all the learnings…

I am now almost at the end of Week 10 of my project. I’m still applying all the new knowledge and old nuggets of information I have documented, and it has become second nature to question most of my food choice to ensure I have either
– chosen the best type of food
– chosen the best cooking method when applicable
– chosen the right portions
– chosen the right mix (low carb, high veggies and lesser meat)

I’m realizing now that the web is so vast, one could lose one’s self searching simply one type of food, or cooking method or pros and cons. The Dr. Oz show was my starting point, but now I’ve expanded my searches to other links, suggestions from friends and buddies of the weight challenge group, news articles etc. Therefore, starting today, my project will be re-titled “my 20 week journey to a better me” – and this way, I’m not focusing ONLY on the Dr. Oz show, although it will continue to be a focused source of information.

My foot is still causing me some discomfort but with the care of Dr Greg, my chiropractor I have experienced good progress in managing this plantar fasciitis. I continue to use both the elliptical unit at the gym and my trusty kettlebells at home. kb fireplace

Yes, those are my kettlebells in front of my fireplace! I leverage commercials during some of my few but favorite TV shows to determine my swing durations – works great, and by the time an hour show has been viewed, I have done more than 120 kettlebell swings (of various types).

I appreciate the great links some of the readers have sent me, and I’m always open to new ideas, suggestions and insights so please, feel free to send me more! My focus will now change to be more aimed at walking; walking with and without my backpack – – The Camino is fast approaching, and depending on the weather, the walks will likely be a mix of indoor (treadmill, buildings) and outdoor options.
You will start seeing not only healthy eating, healthy exercising but also healthy outlook as I get closer to my departure date for my Camino.

As always, I wish you good choices and balance of life!
Life is grand,

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