8 Week follow up

Jan 13th marks the completion of 8 weeks of my 20 week project to a healthier me.
I’ve lost an additional 3 lbs, bringing my 8 week total to 8.5 lbs. May not seem like much to those who are dieting every day, but the reality is, I’m NOT dieting.

I’m incorporating life changes for a healthier me. Cutting down on snacks, and although the holidays time was a time where I did eat my share of frosted gingerbread boots! (NO, not all of those… )
ginger boots

I also brought on a bad case of plantar fasciitis – which I am now taking care of carefully. I stood way too long on the concrete floor at the craft fair. Now I see a chiropractor, get ultrasound treatments and painful massages to break down the scar tissues… (ouch). I am doing swinging kettlebells, and working on the elliptical for now.

I’ve also joined a group where we are challenging ourselves to lose a few pounds and increase the quality of our meals, workouts and overall life! The bonus is a little challenge where the 3 participants with the highest percentage of loss of weight will earn a few $$… nothing wrong with friendly competition!

So little changes can add up to good losses – and even if 8.5 over 2 months doesn’t seem like much, if it continues this way, it’ll be 20 lbs over 20 weeks! That is 7 lbs less than my backpack that I will be wearing for 7 weeks while walking more than 800 km on the Camino de Santiago.

Life is grand!

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