A Camino update

shell tatoo

Those who know me personally know that I am headed back to my beloved Camino this spring. In fact, I am but a mere 101 days to my departure for Bordeaux France, where I will meet up with my French Camino friends when we will once again undertake the Camino journey.

Many have asked me why I am choosing to redo something of such effort and distance. Believe me, the distance is not something I focus on, otherwise I might get a bit distracted from my true reason that is calling me back – simply said, I have much more to learn from the Camino. This may sound philosophical and a bit “emotional” and it should – – the Camino is not so much about covering some 800 km, but about the journey itself.

The Camino is about the people you meet, the friendships you make, the introspective moments you experience, the nature you admire, the memories you remember, the awesomeness of life you experience… and so much more.

This “get in better shape” blog series (My Dr. Oz project which will soon be called “DR Oz and other sources” project) will give place to my Camino blog. Last Camino, I leveraged my blog to allow family and friends to know I was fine, and to share my experiences and photos. This year will be the same as many mentioned they enjoyed touring “virtually”.

This year, my journey will likely include the entire Camino Frances route (800km), a short volunteering period in Santiago as a hospitalero (helping out at an albergue), a detour to Muxia (Spain) and a trek in Portugal. I then will return to Bordeaux France to spend a few weeks at my Camino friends’ houses. By the end of the trip (and almost 3 months) I likely will have walked more than 1,100 km, pending no health problems.

I look forward to sharing my experiences with you, and want to thank my Sweetie, family and friends for their ongoing support!
Until then, I will increase my training so if you see me walking in Barrhaven with poles in my hands, and a backpack on my back – wave and say HI!
Buen Camino – – !

4 thoughts on “A Camino update

    • Ramon,
      That is in fact my tattoo – I decided to get this as soon as I finished my Camino. I had originally thought of getting a ghost image of Saint James in the background (still might, but not for a while). I’m happy with the shell – it’s on my left calf, so I expect it will be photographed a fair bit during my upcoming return to the Camino.

      Cheers and thanks for your feedback

  1. I already left a reply on your blog on life after the Camino. I just completed reading all of your post from Burgos to Santiago. So great to read and so much of the feelings and experiences you had were the same for me. Perhaps universal on the Camino.

    I started in St. Jean but skipped ahead from Burgos to Astorga. I will retune this spring as I just am not finished with the Camino and like the first trip this is not so much of a choice as a need that cannot be ignored. So the research now is will I walked the skipped section or a new bath on the Norte.

    A few questions if you have time:
    * How did U get from Madrid to Burgos?
    *Any opinion on Meseta vs. new route?
    *Will U travel with the donkey again with your friends?

    Thanks so much!
    Sedona, AZ

  2. Sylvie,
    You may not remember me. I met you in 2011 on your first day on the Camino. I do not remember exactly where it was. I do remember various things you talked about – your reasons for doing the Camino, your past life, and your hopes for the future. You said that you would like to open a cafe or hostel somewhere on the route, as I recall! I have just come across your picture on a Camino website and I instantly remembered you. The camino was wonderful, powerful and life-affirming. I walked it again last year (2012), but this time, from Geneva, covering some 200km. I see you are about to also head back to the Camino again… I envy you and wish you all the very best. I also cannot wait for the next time I am there.

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