Week 6 – Day 4

Here is my holiday OLIVE tree I made a few years ago. Olives are one of my favorite bite-size snack.

I eat olives a few times a week, and on the Camino, olives were a daily staple of ours as it helped us replenish our salt levels. You can imagine walking 6-8 hours per day in very hot sun made us lose a high level of salt and minerals from our bodies.

Olives, a staple in the Mediterranean diet, also help control insulin and blood sugar, which are key to keeping a flat belly. They contain mono-unsaturated fats that help to lower cholesterol and reduce risks for heart attack.

Olives are good for you in so many ways.

• They have a high content of monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants as well, making it an ideal food for the prevention of cardiovascular disease by decreasing cholesterol levels (bad) cholesterol without lowering good cholesterol.
• They prevent arteriosclerosis
• They have a protective effect and toning the skin.
• In addition their high level of fiber improves slow intestinal constipation.

So whether you make an olive tree or eat them from the jar, olives are good for you!