Week 5 – Day 3


Eggs are often thought as a bad food due to the cholesterol found in egg’s yellow core however they are a soung good food. Listed as part of Dr Oz’s “Foods to fight aging”, eggs are rich in iron and biotin, which help keep your skin and hair healthy and full.

From the site www.aneggadayisok.ca, Eggs have always been an excellent choice for a healthy diet. They’re low in saturated fat, contain only 70 calories per egg and have no trans fat. Eggs are considered “nutrient-dense” because they are high in many vitamins, minerals and other key nutrients, but low in saturated fat and calories. Eggs are also a rich source of protein that provides long-lasting energy for your body.

Eggs are sometimes called “functional foods” because they deliver health benefits that go beyond basic nutrition, such as protein, vitamin B12, D, E and A, folate and iron amongst other benefits.

I often boil a half dozen eggs and have then on hand for quick snacks or to add to a salad or wrap. I also favor Spanish tortilla, a Spanish potato and egg mixture.