Week 4 – Day 2

The magic of Kettlebells

Tim Ferris who was a guest on Dr. Oz’s show, stated that one of his favorite exercise is using kettlebells. By far, out of all the exercises I have tried, I have witnessed my body change the most with the use of kettlebells. A versatile tool which can start as lightweight as 5 lbs right up to 50 lbs and more, the kettlebell moves engage almost every part of your core.

I attended multiple sets of classes, and I admit that even though it really is most challenging when first used (EVERY muscle hurts!) the more you use them, the more you develop a strong core and amazing toning of the body.

Kettlebells are now often available in gyms but do ensure you get proper directions on their usage otherwise you could really injure yourself. In the January issue of Oprah, there is a story about a woman who turned to kettlebells to shape herself into a stronger and leaner body.

Try them out! You won’t be disappointed!