Week 3 – Day 7

More tips on adding fiber to your diet.
Replacing white bread with whole wheat bread is a great way to increase your fiber content in your diet. It also is a good practice as is any “white” substitution” such as rice and pasta.

White bread and other refined grains are milled, meaning the outer coating of the grain (bran) has been removed, along with the germ, a tiny part of the kernel that serves as the seed’s “embryo.” Whole wheat retains these nutrient- and fiber-rich elements, so switching from white to whole wheat is a smart nutritional move.

One slide of whole wheat bread contains approximately 128 calories and contains 11% of the daily recommended dietary fiber. It also accounts for 8% of your recommended daily iron. We’ve switched to eating mostly whole wheat bread and I must admit I now find white bread to be less tasty than whole wheat bread.