Week 3 – Day 2

SALMON – my favorite fish!

This post is about a few things, so I will do this as part one… THE FISH!
Salmon is such a great item to add to your weekly menu. Fatty fish like salmon is one of nature’s richest sources of omega-3 fats; for a mood lift, enjoy fatty fish 2-3 times each week. Odds are you’ll be happier company, as studies have found that people who infrequently eat fish are more likely to suffer from depression. For an extra “heaping of happiness,” coat the salmon with crushed hemp seeds (available in the natural foods section of most grocery stores) and top it with a radish sprout salad. Both the seeds and the sprouts are rich in vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fats to further bolster mood, brain power and immunity.

I have been raised on fish croquettes – once a week my Mom would take canned salmon, an egg, breadcrumbs and mix all together, form patties and cook them in a pan. It’s a classic comfort food for me, and I continued doing this meal with my own family. Canned salmon is a good staple to have in your pantry as it can be used for a variety of meals.