Week 2 – Day 6


Bananas have always had a place in our kitchen. Almost every week I ensure we have bananas at hand. When I was pregnant I had lots of leg cramps, and I was advised to eat a banana a day for its high level of potassium and that seemed to help.

In Dr. Oz’s site featuring Nancy Schuessler’s “Eat the Colors of the Rainbow” bananas represent the color yellow because they are super high in potassium, these yummy, creamy fruits are also full of B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium and fiber! They are also great to use for substituting for oil in many baked goods– as if eating them fresh isn’t already good enough!

I often freeze my ripened bananas for later use in my low fat yummy banana bread. It’s a handy healthy snack that always seems to hit the spot at all times.