My new 20 week project

I’ve always been one to be open to many new ideas, advice and suggestions. I find that there is a wealth of information available to us on just about any subject you can imagine. I’ve always been interested in nutrition and health, although I currently am not a poster child for optimal health …

My many years of business travels, endless work hours, airport and restaurant foods did not help in this matter, but ultimately, I am a product of my choices. My choices were not always the right ones, but it’s never too late to start anew.

I’ve been watching the Dr. Oz show over the past few years, and I recognize that there is a plethora of information presented in those shows. Evidently, not everything is applicable at all times, but much of the ideas, suggestions and advice are soundly based on much research. In fact, the show allows for many leaders in their fields to share valuable information with us, the public.

Given I value my time and I don’t have the knowledge to conduct the type of research the show’s research group does, it seemed to me that I could leverage all this great information for my own transformation to better health, by it physically, spiritually and emotionally.

I’ve decided to spend the next 20 weeks applying ONE piece of advice, ONE suggestion or ONE call to action EACH AND EVERY DAY. Some of those nuggets of information will overlap each other and I believe that applying them will exponentially benefit my overall health.

Each day I will blog about the ONE change I will bring to my life, and will share with you my experience in doing so. Every four weeks I will summarize the changes that have occurred.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you,
With a smile on my face and much gratitude,

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