You R Love

It’s late, I am hot and tired and uncomfortable … “A walk will do me well” I believe. I walk slowly behind our condo on a gravel/paved walkway. I look down, and realize I am so excited about …. well – Everything – – … Life is great, beautiful, challenging, mysterious and WONDERFUL.
I sit on the swing with my eyes slowly taking in everything visual. A boatload of sand – a blackboard of such. I look over my left shoulder and on the ground is a medium sized stick ideal for messages in the sand…

I realize I have to get on my knees to properly tap down the ground. It feels lumpy, round, and soft. I pat down an area perfectly sized for the message.
Twig in hand, I wait for the words to come… “You R Love” – – – sounds perfect… I carve – lights from close-by cars remind me that I could be found anytime.

I get back to my swing – and smile, and, well SWING!
Back home, I think “I must do this every night”… What a fun way to perhaps make people smile!


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