Ability to travel is a gift!

As I sat waiting for the train to take me to Madrid, I was approached by a woman who was trying to figure out what she had to do to get to the Atocha station.

She had a German accent and spoke very little English or Spanish. The station attendant only spoke Spanish (this is a local station) so I tried to help her out.

I remember being in a similar situation in China, with very few speaking English. I somehow figured things out but bot without challenges and lots of unnecessary walking.

Over the years I have learned through all my travels with work how to be prepared for travel, especially in foreign countries.

With the advent of the Internet it has become so much easier to plan things ahead of time. Things as fundamental as knowing the schedule of trains, planes and other mode of transportation goes a long way. Knowing if there are more than one airport or station is also critical.

I really appreciate all I have learned during my years in the corporate world and now, rather feeling lost, confused and frustrated as this woman was today, I can sir back and enjoy the adventure!