Minorities come in many forms

I had the opportunity to visit a rather quaint and subtle museum that covered the history of the gypsy people.

I was unaware that their people originally came from Pujab in India. They entered Spain many as part of the pilgrims of Santiago but for years were persecuted and chased out of many countries. They numbered even more of those we knew perished violently to the Hitler regime and those who survived fled to many European countries. In the early 80s, Spain declared that the gypsy people would hold equal rights and then began the recognition of their rights as individuals and as a community.

I have been blessed to be friends with Spanish gypsies from the late 70’s, in fact when we spent our summers in Spain we learned a lot about their music, their customs and their lives.

Today I spent most of my day with my gypsy friends and remembered fondly mostly the incredible music that comes from the heart. It was a great day!