A close community

I’ve been spending my day walking around Cuenca and one thing I noticed were the hundreds of benches all around town.

“To rest?” you may ask, which given the sudden steep roads of this city and long series of steps, would warrant such a question. However this is not the case.

The benches are constantly filled with mostly elderly folks who simply enjoy talking to each other and anyone else around. Many conversations have started with “why are your legs dark in only some spots” (a great observation of my pilgrim uneven tan) or “did you just finish the Camino?” as a question to my tshirt…

Many of the folks are as couple, holding hands or locking arms as they walk along. It’s almost a game of musical benches as folks move along to the next bench and spend ten or fifteen. minutes there and again move to the next one.

The conversations are light – and most people know each other well. It’s actually very refreshing to see – I can’t really remember a time where I actually saw this in any of the cities I called home. This is something I greatly appreciate and wish was still the norm…

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