The day after…

This was the first morning in 29 days that I slept in (8 am) and did NOT head out for a day”s walk. It felt strange…

Even stranger to head out to the Cathedral to visit more of it, and to see the new pilgrims arriving with such big smiles!

That was me just yesterday! That was me 24 hours ago! That was me looking up at the cathedral with unbridled joy and excitement!

Yesterday we attended the daily mass with some 1000 other people. We sat on the side rather than in front of the alter since I knew that the unbelievable show of the swinging of the massive incense holder ( botafumeiro ) would be spectacular from the side.

We were not disappointed – in fact, we were moved beyond expectation… Many of us to tears. I posted a few video on my facebook.

We had a great dinner together (team Nestor) and 3 other pilgrims, and we celebrated our accomplishments. I think that for most of us, it hasn’t quite sunk in that we are truly here.

Tomorrow we are spending the day in Finnistere where I will spread some of Marjorie’s ashes – a tribute to her commitment and love that she gave to us all.
Life is truly grand!