Ups and Downs

A few days have gone by since my last update. I didn’t expect limited communication options up in the mountains, but I should have known.

So this was what many have said as a close second hardest climb of the Camino. We (team Nestor) had planned on having our packs sent ahead to ease the climb however it turned out we couldn’t get this settled with the public albergue.

The climb would have to be done with all our things. As a group we supported each other during the climb. We often asked each other how we were doing, stopping often and taking breaks as well as giving each other encouraging words.

This really made a huge difference and I see how the support we have for each other is very positive.

Would I have been able to do this on my own? Of course but it would have been a lot harder and less fun! This was one of those “one foot in front of each other” type climb.

Isn’t life like that as well? There are times we must manage our difficulties and challenges on our own, but when others help us in whatever way they can, this can really help ease the situation.

To ALL of you who have helped me through various challenges I say a heartfelt Thank You”. I hope that I have been there for you when you needed me, through the ups and the downs…

3 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. Thanks Sylvie for letting us into your blog, it’s great to be able to read it ,and well done you are doing brilliantly!! that is amazing!! hope you’re enjoying it as much as it sounds you are!!

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