I leaked…

It happened somewhat suddenly … I was walking this morning, all alone, no one to be seen.

I wasn’t thinking much, mostly just taking everything in. Then it started – at first it was just a noticeable feeling of not even discomfort but something different, from my core.

At first I thought perhaps I had drank my water too quickly. I felt it get more intense, but it wasn’t anything I had ever felt before. I stopped walking a took off my pack thinking perhaps I wasn’t carrying a balanced load.

The feeling intensified, but again it wasn’t painful, just more of whatever it was. Then all at once the feeling moved to my throat then for no apparent reason I knew of, tears started rolling down my face.

I can’t even call it crying as I wasn’t feeling sad, upset, mournful or anything else. I couldn’t help but think of the movie “the Grinch” played by Jim Carey. When his character grew a heart and he felt compassion and caring for the first time, a tear fell on his face and he said “I’m leaking!!”

That is the only way I can describe what happened. I leaked tears!! It was so unreal yet I knew better to just let things happened.

It lasted only a few minutes and it wasn’t something I had ever experienced before in my entire life.

Whatever this was, be it a release of tension, overwhelm from the beauty surrounding me, or just nothing specific I can say for sure I felt taken aback but not worried.

I am told much happens on this Camino – I will keep an open mind and just live and experience it one moment at a time. I won’t analyze anything, just LIVE everything with all my heart.

5 thoughts on “I leaked…

  1. What a wonderful experience you are having with your body, tears and soul. Of course you are “leaking”! These are tears for the experiences you are having and the feelings that are overwhelming you at the time. What a wonderful and unique way of letting go of your stress which I’m sure has pent up over all your years of working a stressful job. The next thing I want to hear is how you laughed out loud at nothing. Have fun! Love ya

  2. Hello Sylvie,

    We met at the ADQ de Compostelles on April 11th. You were next to me in the group picture. I am very pleased to be able to read your blog. I will undertake my Camino August 21, 2011. Really looking forward.

    Keep up the good blog. thanks

  3. Sylvie, I walked quite often with a woman from Quebec, and we would each have times of tears. We never could be sure why. But we would just end up laughing about it as they seemed to be just part of what all that walking did to us. Similarly, we would laugh at things only other Camino walkers would be laughing at, and it was a wonderful thing to laugh like that!

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