Hills and valleys

Even though I spent three summers in Spain, I didn’t really do a lot of hiking. I have to tell you that when I saw that pretty steep hill yesterday I had to remind myself that it only requires one step at a time.

Trust me rushing up that challenging hill was never my intention, but I did wonder, with my 18 lbs pack how difficult it would be. Again I kept telling myself “one step at a time”. Isn’t that a bit of a metaphor for life in general ?

One day at a time, one pound at a time, one piece at a time…

And with quite a few stops along the way, and even some backward walking, I made it up there. I was rewarded with quite the view (which I shared in a video that I will eventually be able to upload.

At our own pace, at our own time, in our own way… Sounds like something I can do more often now!

One thought on “Hills and valleys

  1. Hi Sylvie, I’m enjoying reading your daily entries and following you along on the Camino. The scenery must be quite spectacular, I look forward to seeing the pictures!

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