Three Germans a Canadian and an Austrian walk into an Albergue…

Friday May 13th

No, this isn’t the start of a joke (although it could be) I had a great afternoon and evening communicating with the other pilgrims of the albergue
it is amazing how we can connect without knowing each other’s language. We sat together at one of the tables – four Germans, one French, an Austrian and I and we laughed the entire meal trying to get our thoughts across.

Our pilgrim dinner tonight consisted of soup, salad, Spanish tortilla (egg with potato), yogurt, bread and wine. We managed to figure out where everyone started, and where everyone was headed as their final destination. We laughed trying to describe “feeling full” after the meal, all in different language, a few really liked the “food baby” expression!

My favorite expression of the day came from Monika from Germany who tried to explain she used a security needle for her socks – which after a few minutes was determined to be “safety pin”

All the rooms had at least one available bed and when a late male pilgrim walked in and we wondered whose room he would end up in; after we heard he wanted to get up early a few suggested the other guests’ room so we somehow decided to spin the wine bottle since we had no short straws!!! (which caused another 5 minutes of laughing) – all without really understanding each other’s language!

What an incredible first day from walking to sitting and talking to other pilgrims, from seeing a gigantic stork nest with both parents and two little ones to being shown around the 4 streets by a sweet old man who lives here.

It’s now 9:15 PM and most are already in bed and I will soon join them. Tomorrow is a short walk day but mostly uphill. I’m looking forward to seeing the large fields of poppies and whatever else awaits me! Life is great!

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