Hontanas – 3:15 pm
I’m resting in a top bunk in a room for 8. Today’s walk was challenging. I was very happy that most of the morning was overcast but the wind was quite strong from the north.

I left Rabe at 7 after a nice light breakfast. I walked
mostly on my own with the occasional short conversation with pilgrims passing me, or at times I passing them. I arrived in Hormillas at 9:30 I was surprised to see that the cafe owner had different clocks on the wall and one of those was for Ottawa!

My feet seemed fine so I decided to go ahead knowing the next stop was 10 mm away. The scenery was so amazing! At one point I could see lines and lines of wind turbines (?) that didn’t seem very far yet they appeared and disappeared as the road winded around.

The wind was strong and I was very happy to use the hood from my micro fleece. At km 14 or so, I had to let my shoulders carry my pack as my hips started to be a bit sore.

I remembered reading somewhere that many often sing to offset the soreness so I sang mostly old Spanish songs – “Y viva Espana” at least 20 times.

There were a lot of bikers on the road today. I even saw a woman on her bike with her young girl following her on her own bike, both bikes bound by some rope of sorts.

The fields were simply beautiful – a canvas of various greens dancing in the wind. The winding road (and winding it was) reminded me of the red dirt of Colorado or Hawaii..

Wild poppies, bright yellow flowers and white tiny ones lined each sides of the road. At times the poppies were predominant and at other times a single one was found amongst the bright yellows.

The landscape was a series of rolling hills. In fact this was a pretty consistent uphill walk until the entrance to this tiny village nestled in a steep valley. This was a truly welcomed sight!

I am tired. sore but very happy to be doing this incredible journey. Life is great!

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