A cathedral to take your breath away…

I started out early this morning with a light breakfast (McDo doesn´t do ¨typical breakfast¨  here but CAFE with pastries and neat coffees. I couldn´t consider a burger for breakfast. I walked around la Plaza Mayor.

I took the metro to the train station (with a connection, no less!) and a great 2.5 hour bus ride by bus. I arrived in Burgos at 4 and all the albergues were full even the 110 bed one! I managed to find a pension room for 20 Euros. NOTE to self  – even if this is mid May, there are many pelegrinos around this town!

I visited the Burgos Cathedral… What an incredible museum – although it is still used as a church, most of the art work, statues, doors etc are original. It is HUGE, and incredibly ornate. There is so much gold and marble, not to mention the unbelievable woodwork. I spent more than 2 hours just walking around and admiring every alcove, section and areas where many are a resting place for Bishops, kings and others.

I have to admit at first I felt rather overwhelmed at the size of the cathedral. However, I managed to find some really great little areas that seemed a bit more intimate. It felt very familiar yet at the same time quite different than what I had ever seen. The shere works of art, be it of the stained glass, the marble statues, the wooden pews, the incredible ceilings, were of such beauty.

In certain areas you can smell the history… strange to say, but churches have this ¨smell¨ that is hard to explain. As well, many of the wooden pews have worn spots where people over the centuries have sat down to pray.  the many handrails are smooth as silk from millions of hands touching them and the stairs are worn down to the bottom of some of the steps.

The outside is just as impressive as inside and I am very excited to now visit the cathedral in Compostela which is apparently even bigger and more extensive in terms of statues and relics.

It´s 8 pm and restaurants and stores are finally open for business. I did stock up on cheese, chorizo and cured ham for tomorrow´s lunch. I´m planning an early start to get a bed this time!

It´s finally hit me that this is the REAL thing! I am on the road to Santiago!!! Dreams do come true!  Hasta luego!

4 thoughts on “A cathedral to take your breath away…

  1. You are living the dream Sylvie! As always, you are an inspiration and a dynamo! You are awesome. While visiting cathedrals, be sure to take the guided tour if it is offered! I did this while visiting the cathedrals in England and Germany. It is amazing what interesting little tidbids you find out, which makes the whole place seem just a little bit less intimidating. In one, I asked about these little rocks embedded in the wall which looked a little like chess pieces. Sure enough, the guide told us that one of the Kings who sponsored the cathedral requested that his favorite chess set be inserted into that wall as a token offerring to god. Somehow this little story touched me deeply.

    Enjoy Spain! Hasta luego!

  2. I love churches and cathedrals. Our country doesn’t have such treasures engraved in history. What a great adventure this will be. Can’t wait to hear about the cathedral in Santiago di Compostella. Remember your sunscreen. 🙂

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