I have a Secret….

You know many of us… We walk around with smiles and strange looks in our eyes – that’s the dreaming look. We can counter state anything you say that is negative – – Try us, you will be surprised at our tenacity.

We lurk when you are not looking, chasing after clouds, downed attitudes and low moral. We jump behind you when you least expect it. We talk you through challenging times. We look at the bright side in times where darkness seems to have made its home.

We tell stories of hope, joy and love. We weigh the pros and cons until the pros conquer. We look at things upside down, sideways, reverse until we see the art that comes out of … a mess.

We smile and make you wonder what we think and believe. We write notes when you least expect it and we leave fun emails in your mailbox. We send you anonymous dodads and we might even write in multi-coloured pens.

We are – – – members of the Secret Society of Happy People. YES WE ARE! And yes, we really have a true organization with logos and a website!  A really cool website for those who are proud and loud to be stating “I am HAPPY!”

I know… many of you are surprised. My corporate image is “slightly” more demure… but nevertheless, I do my best to be positive – uplifting and well, just happy! The alternative doesn’t seem appealing to me at all.

So long live the Happy People! Let’s all come out of the DARK corners and profess our happiness – to all to hear… (and I admit, annoy at times…) – You gotta love us!

Happy thoughts everyone!