Could you summarize a year of work in two weeks’ time?

I thought it would be fairly easy – after all, a good part of my corporate work is fairly routine; at least, that’s what I thought.

I assumed I could list my major tasks, and one by one, ensure I had someone to take over with good processes and documentation. Sounds simple enough until I started my list.

We many not always realize it, but we do a lot of activities that occur only a few times a year such as taxes, year end reports, annual reviews… We have tasks that occur monthly, and some weekly.

Trying to think of all these different things is something I expected to do in a few days by going through my calendar, my files, my log books… It seems each time I manage one task, I find two or three more. My time is getting shorter, and I even discovered that this coming week only has 4 days – it’s Good Friday and it’s a work free day…

That means that I have exactly 7 work days left – – and suddenly, I feel overwhelmed and a slight bit, shall we say, uncomfortable. I want to leave with everything in place. In reality, I’ve not had a whole lot of time to get ready for a complete departure…

Would you be able to do that within a month time? I honestly thought it would be a piece of cake – now I’m realizing it’s very challenging to compress a year’s worth of activities let alone those we don’t even notice due to habit, comfort, and experience.

Am I getting cold feet? Not in terms of my Camino journey, but maybe wondering if I am leaving my coworkers and successors with enough information, guidance and coaching. I would like to think that they will say that I left with everything in good order. If I haven’t, or some strange unique activity comes up, please know my intentions were good. I also know that a part of my heart will always stay behind…

Can one say goodbye to a 20 year career without some bittersweet feelings? It’s been a great journey, and now is the time for me to turn my eyes, mind, heart and soul to the next part of my life with my sweetie, my family, my friends and the many adventures that are sure to surprise me.

To my 20 year career I say “Thank you and so long”, to my next 35 years I say – “Bring it on – I’m ready!”

2 thoughts on “Could you summarize a year of work in two weeks’ time?

  1. Hi Sylvie,
    I wanted to wish you good luck in your up coming adventures! Sounds like so much fun! I really enjoyed the short dinner we had at our home with you and your husband. Please know that if you are ever our way again…stop in…we would love to visit with you again! Have fun in your retirement

  2. “Could you summarize a year of work in two weeks’ time?” – no but I could summarize it in two words. :-).
    Have a great time, great blog.

    Take care – keep in touch.

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