When destiny actually manisfests itself

Many of you may know me well enough not to pay attention to my quirky ways. I am way too optimistic at times (according to more realist friends anf family members) and I have to admit I like the way I see things.

After all, we have one big choice which is ALWAYS a choice – and that is our attitude towards whatever is presented to us. You can complain, rejoice, bitch, worry, regroup, revolt, accept, bow, acquiest, fight, push away, accept and evaluate.

The truth is, what IS, is…  It has happened, and nothing will change the past. What can change is the way we manage the now, and the future. I believe in many things – life beyond this dimension, energy that continues, influence on the future, and the blind fate that some of life’s adventures are unknown and waiting for us to enjoy!

So I sit back, and am wondering if I need to tighten my seatbeat for a rough flight, or enjoy a gliding moment of pure tranquility and peacefulness… Either way, bring it on!

I remember thinking that 50 was OLD! Fifty was a HALF a century – Fifty was ancient and time to retire to rocking chair and knitting… (by the way, I love knitting, so nothing negative there) – –

for me, 50 is truly…. FREEDOM – – – ok, so maybe it wasn’t at 50 on the dot! It on wasn’t June 28th 2010 – – – but 50 is an ENTIRE YEAR – – – and you know – I needed some ramp up time. 50 WILL BE, trust me, HUGELY – a PHENOMENAL year.

It runs from June 28th 2010 – to June 27th 11:59 PM 2011 – – – the engines are slowly revving up, sign is on to fasten seat beats – Am I ready for a phenomenal trip- – – YOU BET!

No details…. just that the workings are in place. I love life – – – without a doubt, to quote a lot of people including a warm friendly farmer and a great neighbor – “Life is good” – –

Hasta luego amigos


46 days – and many kms to train