Out of our comfort zone

Many know of my attitude towards “going for it”: Trying new things, crossing boundaries and getting out of our comfort zone. I advise this, I support this, I celebrate this, but alas – I have to admit I was faced with such an opportunity not once, but twice in one day.

Monica and I decided we would go to see a Tango Show and wouldn’t you know, one of the options offered not only a show, a great meal but a Tango lesson. Now, while I admit that in my (cough cough) younger days, I was quite the disco queen (or at least thought this!) I had to be true to myself and admit that I have two left feet; Not only two left feet, but two short stocky uncoordinated two left feet.

The thought of me in a room full of agile nimble coordinated strangers and I, bouncing off their sides each time a change in direction would be needed was NOT, I repeat NOT something I anticipated with great joy. I can say with total certainty that many of my co-aerobic workout classmates walked away from a shared session with sore feet (from my stepping over them), sore legs (from misdirected quick), sore shoulders (from run-away “grapevine” movements) and likely sore jaws from trying not to smile at my ineptitude.

I know my limitations – and to be honest, I knew even without my still-sore ankle I would likely push the limits of my tender joints. After all, feet aren’t supposed to twist or turn as mine do; at least, not intentionally.

I explained this to Monica who smiled and told me that I would have to go anyhow – “Sylvie, we are in Buenos Aires and we YOU will go with me” she sort of half-asked and half-stated. The bus driver arrived and my stomach was already in knots. I tried to remember the last time I felt this way and couldn’t remember at all. Nothing really phases me much from speaking to a crowd of 2000 people to other often cited apprehensions of many.

The other opportunity happened earlier that same day when we set eyes on a dark sultry Tango dancer who posed with people in various Tango stances. “Sylvie, go get your picture taken this time” Monica stated. I froze! Just as I looked over I saw the dancer position this tiny woman on his leg, and balanced her so her feet didn’t touch the ground. My thoughts ran amuck with thoughts of him falling over while attempting this with me.

I walked away with Monica taunting me with “Oh, so you can advise people to do that, but you don’t do it yourself” etc. So I turned back and headed straight towards the dancer. And yes, I did push ahead, the dancer was so sweet and nice, he had various poses that did NOT entail any feet leaving the ground and I ended up with a really great picture to flaunt!

As for the dance lesson, well I was one amongst 200 other dancers, and although in trying to avoid hurting my ankle I somehow got the attention of one of the teachers who came and sat by me and made me the focus of the moment, it was fun! I was fine, and I avoided any major injuries to others and to myself.

This said, don’t we often end up imagining the worse only to find out our imagination played games with our minds and the reality was so much sinpler, easier, and nothing close to the horror we expected. Can we learn from this? I personally can say I am really happy to have the fun picture and  boast that I can dance four Tango moves !

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