Cake, anyone for cake?

This weekend was an eye opener. I walked through the streets of “Once” the barrio with a multitude of stores. I walked by the windows of this one store that seemed at first to be a craft store. Styrofoam castles and settings were featured in the front windows and I was drawn by their colors.


Upon entering the store I found myself staring at thousands of little figurines. Some actually so sweet I almost bought them (keep In mind I don’t do cakes!). Check some of these out:


How cute are these? Then the strange ones…


Is he sitting on her lap? Tripping on her dress? Falling head over heels?


What’s up with the pregnant duck? Is this for a baby shower? (the bib did say “Baby” on it) but why a duck? and why is the duck drinking from a baby bottle? Do babies look like ducks when they are born? Mine sure didn’t!


Dear, I think these should go on our 25th Anniversary cake, don’t you think?


And then the colorful ones!

Who says we can’t have our DECORATED cake, and eat it too?

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