Visiting the departed

Today I decided to visit the Recoleta Cemetary, resting place of many generals, presidents and very-loved Eva Peron (Evita). It took me about 20 minutes to get to my destination with the help of the hotel’s map and my notes. It is a location that once was a vast garden, but now is home to hundreds of family mausoleums, many adorned by eleborate statues and monuments.

It is quite large and contains so many different types of resting cocoons, many with stained glass windows and ornate doors. Sadly, I also saw quite a few in severe need of repairs. Ceiling pieces covered the coffins (yes, coffins), windows broken and doors semi ajar for everyone to see. Several locations showed partially damaged coffins with one specific location displayed a crushed coffin whose cover had been split and the remains of a skeleton viewable to anyone who glanced in.

Aside from these exceptions, the majority of the mausoleums were ornate and unique. I searched for more than an hour trying to locate the one who belonged to the family of Eva Perron (Evita) and finally I was able to find it. It wasn’t ornate like many housing generals and famous doctors and even presidents, but it was apparent that her memory is being kept alive by those who decorated the door to her location with flowers.

Eva Peron's resting place

It was quite something to be standing in front of this resting place.

As well, there are many feline residents who have settle in and roam freely and comfortably amongst the many hundreds of visitors who enter the cemetary doors each day. 


 If I had to pick one statue that moved me the most, it would have to be this one – a child in woman’s arms alongside an infant.

I took many pictures which I shall feature in an album and I hope they convey the majestic and ornate resting places of so many men, women and children.

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