My introduction to the blogging world!

Bonjour, Good day and Hola!

 I am pleased to finally enter the world of blogging. Never at a loss for words, this medium will  allow me to share experiences, thoughts, questions and of course, my pictures. I so enjoy taking pictures of everything and anything. Pictures to me are a way to capture a moment in time, a point of view, an insight into what moves me.

Today I find myself in Buenos Aires, Argentina for a work project. I had about 72 hours to prepare after I accepted to join the team and I have to admit the week itself was quite… exhausting. Not so much because of time lag, we are but an hour ahead of my usual home location. Not because of long hours, I actually worked about the same as usual, 10-12 hours. But because I find myself working mostly… in Spanish!

I studied Spanish in high school then I spent three summers in Spain with two girlfriends of mine. By the time I left Spain for the last time, my Spanish was sound. Since then, I’ve taken every opportunity to practice. My many trips to Texas, California and Denver (yes, Denver) provided many of these opportunities.

I’ve discovered my brain cells are somehow challenged quite a bit – not so much for understanding the spoken Spanish or written,  but speaking Spanish! Wow… I have forgotten many many words, and my conjugation of verbs likely has made some chuckle.  They tell me I have a pronounced French accent! Given this is my mother tongue, I’m not surprised! I know that by the time I leave, I will have improved my use of this beautiful language.

Today I spent more than 5 hours walking around a neighborhood called “Once” which means 11 – Loads of every store possible, and more! Of course, took loads of pictures and my purchases? well, only one thing I could not resist! A treat called Churros, sort of a donut-like long pastry covered in cinnamon and sugar! JUST ONE!!

I have a lot to say about my first work week here, but will keep that for later blogs. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Ciao (which replaces Hasta Luego or Adios here)

4 thoughts on “My introduction to the blogging world!

  1. How much! Too funny Sylvie. Hey, at least the working girls fit in with the rest of the crowd and don’t stick out like a sore thumb. Enjoy the rest of the week and for goodness sake, stay off the streets or raise your price (tee hee)!

  2. Okey, now it’s tango dancing. What next? I can’t keep up with your adventures! Good for you Monica! I would of loved to have been there when Monica challenged you Sylvie, I can just see you marching right up to him!

    How’s the vegetarian diet coming along(tee hee)!

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